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Hi, I cordially welcome you to my blog!

I am Hammad Fiazi.

Blogger, Internet Marketer, Freelancer, a Biology teacher – and father of 3 kids!

I love teaching and I’ve taught Biology to grades 9 and 10 for about twenty years.

Around 7 years back, the thought of making money online somehow crossed my mind and that was the point when I initiated my online journey, although I was quite satisfied with my teaching profession.

Back then, internet marketing or living the laptop lifestyle was only a dream and I never shared it with anyone. Why? The reason was that no one in my family and friends would take it seriously.

Passing through ups and downs in my online journey, I realized that change is the greatest human fear. Society sows a deep-rooted belief within each of us that our goal of life is to first get a college or university degree and then have a 9 to 5 job.

The system chains our body and soul so successfully that we never dare to challenge it.

People chained to the system

Questions I Asked to Myself

Isn’t it true that 9 to 5 job a kind of slavery?

Can I live such a life for 20 years?

Do I have any options where I can spend more time with my family?

Is there a way that I can earn while also having joy and peace in my life?

Got Answers..

All my questions are answered when my friend, Alan, accidentally met me. Alan was an internet marketer and earned a hefty amount of money, working from home.

‘How on earth you earned $3000 this week without leaving your room?’ I asked. “This is exactly what I am looking for!” That’s how I got started with internet marketing, which quickly became my addiction.

Warning: Tough Route Ahead


It gradually became clear that making money online was not as simple as it seemed from outside.

Everyone was saying that you just require a laptop and internet connection to earn online – but no one described that making money online also needs a great deal of self-discipline, hard work, patience, internet skills, and an endless supply of perseverance.

Days and nights passed, months and years passed, and I received ZERO earnings. All of my relatives and friends mocked me at first, then tried to counsel me, and finally abandoned me!

I considered quitting several times, thinking that it might have worked out for Alan; he might be a lucky guy, but they are correct… there are no ways to make quick money online!

Taste of Success, At Last!

taste of success

Finally, I received a ‘ching-chang’ message from the well-known Clickbank, congratulating me on earning a $20 commission, a much-needed relief… And I know that if I can do it once on a tiny scale, I can do it a million times over.

That was a breakthrough moment in my life, and I never looked back.

Then, after a year, I gathered all I had learned and devised a strategy that actually worked and allowed me to make money by leveraging Google to attract my visitors.

Financial Freedom – A Dream Comes True

Freedom of All Money Worries, Finally!

Thanks to the internet lifestyle, today I enjoy financial freedom!

Not only financial freedom, but this laptop lifestyle also yields..

Location Freedom – I work anywhere in the world with my laptop and do not have to stuck behind a desk.

Time Freedom – I start my work at the time of my choice; no 9 to 5 is there in my life anymore.

Boss Freedom – I am the Boss! Free from flattering and no more asking of permissions!

Traffic Freedom – Now I don’t waste hours and hours of my life stuck in traffic.

What Motivated Me to Start This Blog?

I start this blog to help beginners like you. I want to be there for YOU and assist you at each and every step of making money online, and to avoid making the same mistakes I did. I know you have everything to accomplish it, and I’m sure of it!

I believe that making money online is so simple and easy that everyone should pursue it. It does not require any formal education, college degree, or technical skills.

All that you need is dedication, patience, and commitment. Nothing can stop you from attaining your dreams if you are willing to pay the price.

Tips to Get Most Out of This Blog

If you are starting from scratch and want to know how to make money online, then I recommend to follow these steps.

First Step

Your first step would be to read this blog post:

13 Instant Cash Method to Earn Money Online ASAP

The blog post broadens your vision so you understand the opportunities available online to earn money instantly.

Second Step

Next, go to the Products page and buy ‘Trinity’ – a comprehensive and very economical video training program ($7.95 only!).

The unique aspect of this course is that it holds your hand and takes you through the whole money-making process step by step.

Just watch the videos and, most importantly, implement what you learn. This tiny investment enables you to start earning a hundred-dollar per day.

Third and Final Step

Finally, browse the Free Reports section and enhance your internet marketing knowledge. Please make the most of them. They are completely free!

By downloading these free reports, you will also be added to my email list, which will notify you whenever I publish a new blog.

Lastly, I want to say that I am 100% sure that you can achieve your financial freedom dream with your laptop and internet.

I have no doubt about that. I know if I can do it, you can do it too!

To Your Success,

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