Fiverr SEO Tips for High Ranking

15 Best Fiverr SEO Tips to Rank Your Gig Fast

Why do you need to learn Fiverr SEO tips? Why are these tips important for success at Fiverr?

Like Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and others, Fiverr is also an algorithm-based program where bots and spider crawl gigs regularly, check them against hundreds of standards, and then decide which gigs are to be ranked on the first page.

So, if we learn Fiverr SEO tips and implement them diligently, we leverage the Fiverr bots to rank our gig fast.

Below are the 15 best Fiverr SEO tips that you should follow seriously.

1. A Strong Profile Convinces Buyer

Don’t commit newcomers’ biggest mistake: they create an account on Fiverr and rush to create their gig, ignoring their profile.

If you put yourself in the shoes of a buyer, you are very well aware of the fact that, as a buyer, you want to know who the seller is and what his credentials are.

While creating a profile, fill in all the details honestly. Mention your skills and certifications. Don’t exaggerate and don’t lie about your education and experience. Attempt the Fiverr skill test and the result will prove your grip over the skill.

So, it’s important to start your Fiverr journey by laying a strong foundation. Put some serious effort and spend some time creating a strong Fiverr profile.

A profile that convinces buyers that you are the right person for the job.

– Pro Tip –

Upload your personal photo (not a brand logo or other design) to the profile that adds a personal touch.

2. Drill Down Your Services to Be Specific – A Pro Fiverr SEO Tip

Do research to find out what your ideal niche is. Go to and you’ll see a number of categories and subcategories. Look for the category that best suits you.

Take some time to drill down on your services before creating your gig.

Go at least three levels deep to offer your services.

For example, if you are a content writer, and while creating your gig, you write the title: I will write an article for you, then it is noteworthy that article writing is a very general term, already saturated and your gig can’t rank on Fiverr for this.

The better option is to go three levels deep.

Level 1. I will write an article for you.

Level 2. I will write SEO article for you.

Level 3. I will write an SEO article in health and fitness for you.

This significantly reduces the number of your competitors (as the images below show) and increases the chance to rank high on Fiverr and get orders.

Drilling down your services significantly reduces the number of your competitors (as the images below show) and increases the chance to rank high on Fiverr and get orders.

fiverr seo tip
Fiverr SEO Tips

Have you noticed that 52,800 sellers are competing for ‘article writing’? Now compare it with the ‘seo article writing health’ below.

Fiverr seo tips

Another example

Guest post > Guest post on high DR > French guest post on high DR

Drilling down your services to three levels will give you leverage over your competitors and help you rank on Fiverr fast.

3. Keyword Research for Fiverr Gig

One of the important Fiverr SEO tips is keyword research. Keyword research plays an important role in writing your title and description.

What are keywords?

These are the words buyers use in the search bar to find the services.

The Fiverr algorithm takes into account the keywords used in the gig and ranks the gig accordingly.

If you use commonly used keywords in your gig (like a blog post, writing articles, or logo design), you’ll face high competition and your chances of getting clicks and orders are next to impossible.

So, it’s a better strategy that before creating your gig, you should search for keywords that you want to target.

How to do keyword research?

It’s as simple as ABC.

In the Fiverr search bar, enter the words related to your niche and see what words the Fiverr algorithm shows up as autosuggestions.

Fiverr autosuggest featured
Fiverr Autosugesst Feature Helps in Discovering Keywords

The words that the Fiverr algorithm shows up are the buyers’ top searched words, and obviously, you should focus on these words for your gig.

Note them down in Word or Excel (or Google spreadsheet) with the number of gigs shown (which means the number of your competitors).

Use these keywords while writing your title and description in a natural way, and don’t try to stuff keywords in the description.

Note these keywords in Word or Excel (or Google spreadsheet) along with the number of gigs shown on the search result (that means the number of your competitors).

Doing this exercise explain which keywords have the highest or lowest competition.

Your goal is to search for niches having low competition, so you can easily rank your gig. Make a list of your main keywords and sub-keywords or LSI.

– Pro Tip –

There are many paid tools available for keyword research. For instance;


LSI graph

4. Set Your Fiverr Gig URL – A Hidden Fiverr SEO Tip

This Fiverr SEO tip is unknown to many, while gurus and experts use it in their favor, and it is well known in the circles of Fiverr experts.

In simple words, you have to write your gig title twice.

For the first time, write the title (using main keywords) for the Fiverr algorithm only. Then, after publishing your gig, go back to your title again and now rewrite it for the visitors.

Notice whatever you write in the title for the first time will generate your gig URL above

Why to do so? Why is it important?

It’s because your gig’s first title generates the URL on Fiverr, and the gig URL once generated can’t be modified.

Many sellers don’t know this fact, and they try to change their gig URL by updating their title again and again -but once set, it can’t be undone!

Therefore, when you’re first creating your Fiverr gig, you must write an SEO-optimized simple title – without using any fancy words.

How to do it?

Simply insert your main keywords without repeating the words.

Try to add two keywords in a smart way. This will increase the chance of ranking.

Then publish the gig.

Now, go back to the title and change it to attract buyers (as explained in the next point).

5. Gig Title Makes or Breaks Your Fiverr Career

The gig title is important because its function is to grab the attention of visitors. This is the first thing that visitors notice, and it truly is a vital factor that can make or break your career at Fiverr.

If you repeat the same words in the title that other sellers are using, then you’ll never convert visitors to buyers.

Here are the tips you should keep in mind while creating your title.

For a gig title, Fiverr allows only 80 characters, and the ideal length of the title is 60 characters. So you must craft a specific and right-on-the-target title.

Fiverr sets the initial words of the title as ‘I will’ and after that, you have to add the services you are offering.

You must include your main keywords (high search volume with low competition) in your title.

Select the two most effective keywords for the title and try to write a sentence using these two keywords. Use the main keyword first and the second keyword afterward. This will help your gig rank higher.

Use all other keywords while setting tags, description, and FAQs.

Study the titles of your competitors. Don’t use the words other sellers use in their gig or the words that are commonly used by sellers, like ‘expert’, ‘professional’ etc.

While you are browsing and looking at other sellers’ gigs, make a list of some power words; those words that are novel, unique, and emotional. Use these adjectives (power words) to describe your service.

Use these tools to find out gig title SEO keywords:

Add a unique service to your title that no other seller offers.

Add delivery time in the title. Mentioning within one hour or in 24 hours attract buyers more than anything.

Use these tools to find out gig title SEO keywords:

  • Fiverrlytic – For gig analytics
  • Ubbersuggest – For keyword research
  • Google Keyword Planner – Google’s keyword research tool

Spend some time seriously crafting your title as it is the single most important factor in winning orders.

– Pro Tip –

Add delivery time to the title. Mentioning ‘within one hour’ or ‘in 24 hours’ attracts buyers more than anything.

Add a unique service to your title that no other seller offers.

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6. Gig Description Secret Hack

This is your sales page, where you sell your skills in 1200 characters.

I repeat the words again: “You Sell Your Skills”.

This means that in the description, you are going to advertise and market yourself.

As a marketer, you should emphasize the benefits that buyers will get from your gig (how your services will save them time and help them be more productive) and then explain the features of your services.

This is the mistake that thousands of sellers on Fiverr are committing and then complaining about not getting orders.

Fiverr SEO Tips for Description

Write the description in such a manner that after reading it, a visitor is convinced that you are the right person for the job.

Answer these questions before writing the gig description.

  • Why should people buy from you and not from other sellers?
  • How are you different from other sellers in the market?
  • What additional or extra services do you provide to your clients compared to competitors?

To win the Fiverr algorithm’s favor, use your main keywords and other LSI in the description multiple times.

Don’t copy and paste other gigs’ descriptions.

Include as many details as possible in your description. Also give a short brief about your strengths like experience in the niche, serving big brands (if any), testimonials etc.

Adding a call to action at the end of the description is a MUST!

Use short and easy-to-understand sentences. Highlight main features. Use bullet points and bold and italics features to decorate the text.

Don’t try to stuff keywords in your description.

Study the description of your competitor. Make a list of power words they use; sentences they use to convince buyers; extra services they are offering. Get an idea and try to offer more for less.

Go to Quora and YahooAnswers and search for questions people ask there related to your services. Also, check your competitors’ FAQs.

– Pro Tip –

Go to Quora and search for the most common questions related to your niche that people ask. Answer some of them in your gig description and add some in the FAQ section. Not only questions, but you also get answers from Quora.

7. Gig Thumbnail – Fiverr SEO Tip Guarantees Orders

The Fiverr gig thumbnail is your first introduction to visitors and potential clients.

The thumbnail serves two purposes.

Its main purpose is to mention what services you offer.

Its second goal is that it acts as an advertisement for your services.

You should create a thumbnail that satisfies both purposes.

Compare the two thumbnails and guess which one is getting more orders.

Thumbnail Image 1

fiverr gig thumbnail article writing

Thumbnail Image 2

fiverr gig thumbnail

The first one is the clear winner with more than 1139 5-star reviews (the number of orders may be somewhere around 10k) and the second thumbnail got only 200 reviews.

Fiverr SEO Tips for Creating Thumbnails

The gig image must be at least 608 x 410px.

Fiverr recommends having minimum text within the image (20% or less of the image) as in the first thumbnail above.

Use Canva to create your thumbnail. Canva is a super-easy and user-friendly tool that helps beginners and non-techy people to create graphics and designs at a professional level.

Use Pixabay, Unsplash, or Pexels for copyright-free stock images.

Add your own photo to give it a personal touch and instill confidence among buyers that you are a real person.

Uploading screenshots of your previous work and testimonials is a good strategy.

The proof of a great thumbnail is that it will increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) and give value to your gig.

Use attractive and high-quality photos and images.

Research your competitors’ thumbnails, get ideas, and then improve upon them.

Never forget to include Alt Image detail.

Research your competitors’ thumbnails, get ideas, and then improve upon them.

– Pro Tip –

When you are saving the image file and naming it, use keywords there too. Optimize the image while uploading it, that is, add Alt image details and include keywords.

8. Add Gig Video

It’s a fact that videos outperform written text. That is why, for most searches, Google shows Youtube videos at the top of the results.

Fiverr also prefers the gigs to have videos to describe their services. According to Fiverr, creating a video can increase your gig visibility by up to 200%. Adding a video to your gig also distinguishes it from thousands of other gigs.

To win the favor of the Fiverr algorithm, most pro sellers use videos for this purpose.

Create a short video – 30 to 45 seconds long, giving a brief introduction about yourself and explaining the unique and prominent features of your gig.

The gig video need not to be highly professional. Just take out your mobile camera and start recording. Speak naturally in a friendly tone and use natural background lighting.

If you find that none of your competitors use video, then this will be a golden chance for you to use video and outrank them.

If you find that none of your competitors use video, then this will be a golden chance for you to use video and outrank them.

– Pro Tip –

Optimizing your video and using related keywords in the video increases the chances of ranking higher on Fiverr.

9. Clever Use of Tags – One of The Best Fiverr SEO Tips

What are tags?

Tags are also keywords that you use while creating gigs and they help the algorithm to match buyer searches with related gigs.

For Fiverr tags, you have to select your category and sub-category first. Then selecting the right ‘Search Tags’ is one of the important Fiverr SEO tips.

Fiverr Search Tags

What Should Be Included in Fiverr Tag List?

To search for the best tags, type the topic related to your niche in the Fiverr search bar. The Fiverr autosuggest feature starts showing the most commonly used tags; these tags are ideal for gig.

Study other similar gigs and make a list of tags they are using. Then use the tags that are most common.

Use all 5 tags that Fiverr allows. This will increase the chances of your gig ranking.

– Pro Tip –

Don’t use hashtags, special characters, and duplicated terms as Fiverr will ignore them.

10. Deliver on The Same Day

Buyers prefer sellers who are quick to deliver the order. If you are a new seller, you can beat other sellers at your level by delivering the orders fast.

Completing and delivering your work on time is the most important factor in getting positive reviews. These reviews convince other visitors to give you orders, and your gig starts ranking high on Fiverr.

To get a head start, it is ideal for you to deliver the order on the same day. This would surprise the buyers and compel them to write positive comments.

Once your seller lever gets higher and you start getting more orders, then you can add some more days to delivery.

11. Pricing Your Gig

It is a common myth that beginners should offer their services for $5. Well, it’s a general belief that cheap prices mean low-quality products and services.

Pricing also depends on the nature of your work and the prices your competitors are charging.

If your work demands high-level skills, then don’t hesitate to charge high prices. On the other hand, if your work is such that you use some AI tools and software and, just with a couple of clicks, your job is done, then you should consider charging $5 or $10.

The general rule is that when you are beginning your career at Fiverr, you should start by charging $5. Once you get some experience, start getting orders and getting 5-star ratings and positive reviews, then revise your prices and charge high prices.

Study the top competitors to see what they offer and how they price their services.

– Pro Tip –

This is one of the secret Fiverr SEO tips to using all 3 price packages and using keywords in their headings and details too. Fiverr bots crawled price packages too to search for relevance, and you’ll get extra SEO juice for ranking.

12. Promote Your Gig

Creating a gig and then starting to wait for buyers to find you and place an order is like living in a fool’s paradise.

Contact your family and friends and ask them to buy your gig. This will give your gig an immediate boost in ranking.

To be successful on Fiverr, it is your duty to use the power of social media and promote your gigs. Exploit all channels to get maximum exposure.

Whatever medium you are using – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube – spread information about your gig so that people know about your work and services.

promote gig on media

Since most people are using social media all the time, your Fiverr gig can get hundreds of thousands of impressions, clicks, and orders.

Using the mobile app of Fiverr is a great opportunity. Go to ‘Promote Your Gig’ section and share your gig on social media and Whatsapp.

Create your profile on Quora and write answers to the questions related to your niche. By doing this, you appear as an authority in your niche. Add the link to your Fiverr gig on your Quora profile and many people will visit your gig and may give you an order.

Use Facebook ads to promote your gig. A little investment of $10 per day gives exposure to your gig to hundreds of potential buyers.

Being active on Linkedin gives you surprising results as the platform is mostly used by businessmen and companies.

Join Facebook groups related to your niche. Do not spam by leaving your gig’s link all over the community. Facebook is very quick to respond and will ban your account. Try to be a part of the community and contribute positively. Share your experience related to your niche, answer questions, leave comments, and appreciate others.

The bottom line is that you can’t create your gig and get orders. You have to be active to promote your gig and get impressions, clicks, and orders.

Customize your service and add a new angle to your service.

13. Study Your Competitors

Write your main keyword in the Fiverr search bar and select the top 6 or 7 gigs ranked on the first page.

Study their gig title, description, pricing packages, meta tags, and FAQ text.

Check the following points:

How do they craft their title? What powerful words do they use in the title?

What are the points they emphasize?

While offering the same service as yours, what keywords are they targeting?

What frequently asked questions do they include?

How do they categorize their services and what price do they charge for each service?

What extra services do they offer?

Is there any service that you can provide that other competitors don’t offer?

Take notes of everything in Word, Excel, or Google spreadsheet.

14. Provide Clients The Best Service Possible

All the above Fiverr SEO tips can rank you higher and help you get orders, but it’s your skills and services to clients that generate repeat orders and make you successful at Fiverr.

After receiving an order, thank your client, reassuring order details and deadline.

Communicate immediately in case of any issue.

Be friendly with your client. 

Be patient if a customer argues and misbehaves.

Submit an Excel report as proof of job completion.

If you fail to deliver an order in time, Fiverr indicates ‘Late Delivery’ in your gig sidebar info and this reduces orders by 10%.

15. Other Fiverr SEO Tips

The order delivered on time must be 90%.

The number of 5-star reviews generates more orders.

Also, keep the response rate above 90%. How?

Use the Fiverr app on your mobile and quickly respond to the queries of customers.

If you are not active on Fiverr (sick or on vacation), activate ‘vacation mode”. Otherwise, some unanswered inquiry, late response, or unfulfilled order may prove fatal.

A seller’s level is also important for winning orders. A top-rated seller gets more orders than a new seller.

Stay online and use Fiverr as much as possible. This will not only motivate buyers to contact you but also give positive signals to Fiverr’s algorithm.

Conclusion – Fiverr SEO Tips

Fiverr is a unique freelancing platform. Unlike other freelancing companies like Upwork, Guru, Truelancer where a lot of time is wasted pitching proposals to buyers, Fiverr innovative system leads buyers to sellers automatically.

These 15 Fiverr SEO tips will solve the major problem that lots of Fiverr sellers face, and that is ‘not getting orders’. If you implement these Fiverr SEO tips, you’ll gradually start to get high rankings on Fiverr.

A high ranking on Fiverr means more impressions, visitors, and clicks, and ultimately this will lead to more orders.

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