Easiest Fiverr Gigs That Require No Skills

How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills? 15 Easiest Fiverr Gigs for Beginners

Sorry to say it bluntly but it’s a fact that Fiverr does not help you in earning money if you are a beginner with no skills!

The platform is great, generating thousands of dollars per month, for sellers having hi-tech skills and serving on the platform for a couple of years consistently.

So, what about beginners? They ask frequently ‘how to make money on Fiverr without skills‘.

In this post, I’ll explain the 15 easiest Fiverr gigs that require no skills and in my opinion, these are the best Fiverr gigs for beginners with no experience. You can start any of them immediately and can start earning money online with these easy Fiverr gigs.

Remember that Fiverr allows only 7 gigs per person, so you have to be very careful in your selection of gigs.

15 Best Gigs: How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

1. Background Removal


Some bloggers or even YouTubers want to edit images to use in their videos or posts but they don’t know the technical details of Photoshop. So they turn to Fiverr.

You can easily do the job by using some free software and there is no need for Photoshop detail editing. Not only you can remove the background, but also you can replace the background with splashing and eye-catching colors.

Free Tools to Remove Background:




2. Convert PDF to Word


Yes, you can never imagine that the answer to ‘how to make money on Fiverr without skills’ can be so simple.

The fact is that people sometimes don’t know basic tasks and instead of researching online or learning the skill, they just want an easy way out – to pay someone $5 and get the task done.

This Fiverr gig again requires no skills. Take the PDF file submitted by the client and upload it to some free online sites (names given below). The task will be done in just a couple of minutes.

Free Tools to Convert PDF to Word:

Small Pdf

I Love Pdf

Free Pdf Convert

You can also offer services to convert Word documents to PDF. Here’s how?

In your Word document, go to File > Export > Create PDF document

3. Creating Business Names & Taglines


The demand for a creative business name and tagline will never get faded. New businesses are emerging at a fast pace and so you’ll find many clients contacting you.

Use the following tools (free) to generate at least 10 business names and 10 tag lines so your client can handpick the name and tagline he likes.

Free Tools to Generate Business Names:

Shopify Business Name Generator


Business Name Generator

4. Post Comments – How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

Comments on blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook pages, or Instagram posts give positive signals to respective algorithms that people are showing interest in this post and so the algorithm gradually pushes that blog post or video to the top.

That’s the reason people are searching for this gig on Fiverr.

Writing comments is such a Fiverr gig that doesn’t require any skill or experience. Just skim through the article or video and write a short comment on that. Remember to use main keywords in your comment so that client’s blog post or video may get ranked.

5. Test Websites

website testing make money on fiverr
website testing – make money on fiverr

From the title, it appears that it would be a hi-tech skill that needs special skills – but believe me, this is the simplest and easiest of all.

You just have to visit the website, give your honest feedback and suggest improvements. That is all that is needed to do in this gig. The easy answer to the question in the title: How to make money on Fiverr Without Skills.

The customer submits the beta version of the website and you have to check web design, quality of content, easy navigation, website speed, page layout, and effective call to action.

Finally, record your findings and send the video to the customer.

Free Tool to Record Screens:

OBS Studio (Download on your computer and then run)

6. Making Videos Intro or Outro

In this gig, you offer the services of creating an eye-catching and attractive intro and outro. YouTubers are the most common clients for this service as it helps their channel to grow.

You may be surprised how creating a video intro and outro get into the list of gigs that require no skills on Fiverr. But wait for a second, as here too, much free software help you out.

How you’ll get orders here?

Every YouTuber (and they are in millions) knows that an amazing intro holds the attention of the audience and increases watch time (which gives a boost to video in the YouTube algorithm) and an effective outro leads the visitors to take the desired action. So getting orders here is smooth and easy.

But the question is how to create these intros and outros without having video skills? The following sites offer these services.

Free Video Maker Tools:



Video Creek

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7. Subtitles and Transcriptions


Many customers want to add subtitles to their videos as this feature not only gives a better user experience but also improves search engine optimization.

Similarly converting audio files to written text (aka transcription) service is also in high demand.

Now if you try to do this manually, it will consume much of your time and energy and that is not recommended for a platform like Fiverr where you are charging only $5.

So how to make money on fiverr without skills and what’s the solution?

Free Tool:



Google Docs – After opening a blank page, go to tools, and select the voice typing option.

8. Proofreading

Since English is not the native language of most countries, so there are a lot of people who are looking for proofreading services on Fiverr. It’s such a big pitfall that their blog posts and articles fail to rank on Google due to grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.

If you have a strong command of English, you can offer this service as a gig. But even if you are not a native English speaker, even then you can use this software for your gig.

Free Software for Proofreading:


hemingway app

9. Logo Design

logo design fiverr gigs

Every business needs a logo that instantly communicates the business purpose of the company. Well, designing a logo manually needs a lot of graphic designing skills and in-depth knowledge of Photoshop, plus time and energy.

Then how to design a logo – the easy way and is it the best fiverr gig for beginners?

So many software are available online where you just enter some details about the company and the software prepares many logos on autopilot in just seconds. Have a look at all of them and figure out which suits you the best. You can edit them and send them to clients.

Free Tools to Create Logo Design:


Design Hill

Free Logo Design

10. Be A Social Media Manager

How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills? This is The Simplest Method

I am not going to believe that you don’t know how to create Facebook pages, add posts on Instagram, or don’t know about Pinterest.

When you are active on social media and do all the things for your own accounts, then you can do these tasks for others too.

Create a Fiverr gig where you present yourself as a social media manager and handle the social media accounts of clients.

What do you have to offer? Services like uploading Facebook posts regularly, scheduling posts, taking care of Instagram or LinkedIn accounts, using relevant hashtags, replying to comments, etc.

Free Tools:




11. Slideshow Presentation

How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills?

Businessmen enjoy a lot of skills and also have amazing information to present, but they lack basic design skills.

In this Fiverr gig, all you need are the tools that offer the best designs to make your presentation more appealing. You can select a design and download 15–20 pages of available templates, then edit the information supplied by the client.

Free Tools:




12. Set Virtual Background

Mostly, the business meetings are now held online and they need a professional (but virtual) background to impress upon other parties.

Through your Fiverr gig, you can help these organizations and individual trainers and set a company logo in the background or a stylish or professional-looking background and you can easily charge anywhere between $10 to $30.

Create your account on Zoom and then log in as an administrator on Zoom Web Portal.

Move to the Zoom Room page and go to Account Settings.

Change the Virtual Background with the Green Screen.

Click Upload Background and add background options to the default library.

Free Tools to Create Virtual Background:



13. Video Testimonials

video testimonials

One of the popular Fiverr gigs that require no skills is creating video testimonials.

Companies love to have real customers who provide positive feedback on their products or services. The testimonial recorded on videos are in high demand as they are considered more legitimate. So, you can sell your Fiverr gig services to companies who are searching for a video testimonial.

Recording a video is very simple these days.

You don’t need a heavy-duty camera. Take out your smartphone and record a short video (30 seconds to 1 minute). You can take a fictitious product and make a testimonial video on it to use in your Fiverr gig.

Say some positive remarks about a product. Show some enthusiasm about the product and have a nice and pleasant smile.

Free Tools:


OBS Studio

14. Create Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine and millions of bloggers use Pinterest daily.

The problem most bloggers face is that they have to do a lot of other tasks and so they don’t have time to create pins, write titles and descriptions using keywords, then promote these pins, save and comment on other people’s pins.

This is where your Fiverr gig comes in and you help them create Pinterest pins.

Creating pins requires no skill as you can simply go to Canva and in the search bar, write Pinterest pins. There appear numerous templates (free and paid).

Using the drag and drop feature of Canva, edit these pins and upload them to the client’s Pinterest account.

15. Ebook Formatting

You don’t have to create an ebook, but you just have to format the ebook that the client would send you. This requires minimum effort from your side as you just have to adjust page layout, set margins, format sentences, add header or footer, and set book page numbers.

You can also offer extra services, such as creating a book cover or converting the eBook into various other formats like PDF or ePub.

Free Tools:


MS Word


If you want to select this gig, then I recommend Sqribble – a paid software (available on 40% discount for a limited time) as it reduces your manual work to zero.

You have to pay the price one time and then use this amazing software forever for your gig. The software helps you in formatting an ebook with a style, and takes only a couple of minutes.

Final Words – How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

These are the best and easiest Fiverr gigs that require no skills and need the least amount of work on your part. I hope that I’ve successfully answered the question: How to make money on Fiverr Without Skills?

Note of Caution:

As these gigs require no skills and don’t take up much time, so you may face stiff competition here.

How to check the competition?

Go to the Fiverr search bar and enter the gig name you want to enter in. The results shown by Fiverr explain the number of gigs already present in this niche.

If the number ranges from 1000 to 3000, then you hit the jackpot.  If it’s up to 6000 even then you may consider it. But skip the niche if it shows more than 6000 results.

This is a signal that you have to face severe competition here and it is not easy to rank your gig on the first page of Fiverr search results, so you’ll face difficulty in getting orders.

Select any of the above gigs that fulfills these criteria and you are well on your way to making money on Fiverr, even as a beginner!

Can you think of or use any other Fiverr gig that fulfills our criterion, that is, beginners can use it to start making money on Fiverr – without any skill required? If so, please name this gig in the comments below so others can get benefit too.

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