make money online for beginners 2023

How to Make Money Online for Beginners 2023


Are you serious about making money online?

Do you really want to know how to make money online for beginners?

Is this even possible?

My answer is a big YES.

Making money online for beginners is 100% possible and in this guide, I am going to explain it step by step.

Everyone likes simple and practical things that are easy to understand and give results. No one likes fluffy stuff and long and boring articles.

So in this guide, I’ll explain a practical and step-by-step method (right on the target) about how to make money online for beginners.

If you ever tried to search the term ‘make money online’ on Google, here is what you would find out.

make money online guide
See The Results?

It’s 4 billion and 280 million results!

I’ve read some of these posts. Believe me, some are 5000 words long articles (so much longer that only confuses readers), while some are just about 200 words (so short that are of no use).

Moreover, most of the posts only list the name of methods (with a short brief) which is also of no use for beginners. For instance, when I searched for ‘make money online for beginners’ the first result on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) shows this:

make money online for beginners

I fail to understand how listing these methods (with short paragraphs) can help beginners? The bitter fact is that such posts only add to their confusion.

That is why I think that this gap is needed to fill up and something real must be offered to beginners to help them in making money online.

Something that is practical, step-by-step, and easy to follow!

With 7 years of experience in affiliate marketing and creating and building about 18 websites (and discarded most of them) now, I feel that I am in a position to say something.

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Make Money Online for Beginners – With Website or Without A Website?

This is the question many beginners asked and it is better to clarify it before explaining the method to make money online for beginners.

If you are a newbie and your focus is to learn the quickest way to make money online, I advise you not to worry about a blog or website (to achieve your short-term goal of making money online).

Learning to build a website eats up much of your time and effort (from 1 to 6 months or even more) and you’ll not see a single penny during this time period.

This is what happened to the majority of beginners and they get disappointed and quit. So, if you are a beginner and want to make money online, start learning it without a website or a blog.

After spending some time and putting in some effort, when you start seeing commission rolling into your bank account and you enjoy it too, only then think of starting your blog (that is a long-term commitment).

Hey listen up, I was once in your shoes and so I honestly advise you to follow this plan. I just want to make it happen for you!

So, in a nutshell, first, you should focus on earning some money online without a blog or website. This is your short-term goal.

Next, once you succeed in earning online, only then learn how to build a blog and do affiliate marketing.

Best Method to Make Money Online for Beginners

Assuming you are a beginner, here I limit this post to start making money without a website. I also share my 3 secret traffic strategies that would help anyone who follows seriously to earn up to $100 per day.

These strategies are tested and proven to work.

So, let’s start.


What is a niche?

In simple non-technical words, a niche is your area of interest.

You like some subjects at college. Now you can select that subject as your niche.

You love soccer, basketball, or any other sport. This can be your niche.

You are a professional photographer, graphic designer, public speaker, or accountant. You can select your work as your niche.

Similarly, your interests and passions (TV serials, gardening, fitness, meditation, piano, guitar) can be your niche. The list can go on and on.

So first, decide the niche you are interested in.


There are various sites where you can find the best products in your niche, but as a beginner, you should signup for ClickBank or DigiStore24.

These are the platforms where vendors upload digital or physical products for sale.

7 Practical Steps – How to Find The Best Product?


When you log in to your Clickbank account, go to Market Place on the top menu bar and then select your niche from the left-hand side menu (as in the image below).

clickbank make money online for beginners


Say I like the ‘Health and Fitness’ niche and when clicked on this category, I find many sub-niches. There I click ‘Exercise & Fitness’.

clickbank subniches

Now hundreds of products related to that niche pop up on the screen and we have to narrow down the search to find out the best product.


Go to Filters on the left sidebar and click the following checkboxes.

filters cb make money online

Upsells. Click the checkbox for upsells. Upsells mean that after the customer purchase the main product, there are more value-added offers that the customer can buy. Such products can earn you more commission.

Language – Select English (or any other you may like). Then scroll down to find more filters.

filters clickbank make money online for beginners

Billing – Click Recurring (means a product that pays commission month after month) and select $1 trial (they convert more and sell fast).

Features – Click the checkbox Affiliate Tool Page. This is a very important resource and here vendor provides different documents to affiliates. For example, keywords for Google or FB ads, Email swipes, banner ads). Also, click Mobile Friendly (as the majority are using mobiles for surfing).

Gravity. It means the number of people selling this product successfully and earning commission. Keep it between 30 and 100 (less than 30 means low demand and more than 100 means tough competition).


After applying all these filters, now the products will appear that earn you more commission.

If applying filters results in a very less number of products, then uncheck some of the filters like the $1 trial and others.


Two more criteria that I personally use to search best of the best products are:

i. The sales page must have a video — and it should not be text-based. The reason is that the video sales page conversion rate is higher. (How to access the Sales Page? Just click the name of the product to access it.)

ii. You MUST like the product for yourself as a customer too. Go to the sales page. Watch the complete video. Read the testimonials. If you think it looks spammy or not believable, then skip this product and search for another one.


When you find the best product that you personally like too, then click the ‘Promote’ button. A message pop up with the button ‘Create Hoplink’.

clickbank create hoplink

Click this button, and you’ll get your affiliate link.

clickbank affiliate link


Go to or Paste the above affiliate link and they will shorten this long and ugly URL. Copy this shortened url and paste at one specific document (in Excel or Word document, where you save all affiliate URLs).

Now all you need is to bring visitors (traffic) to this link. When people buy this product through your affiliate link (above), you’ll automatically earn a commission.


Well, let me share a bitter fact.

This is the step (bringing visitors to your affiliate link) where 99.99% of beginners fail. Step 1 and Step 2 are easy, but this is step 3 which defines your success or failure.

But you need not worry as you are at the right place at the right time. I am revealing here my best 3 traffic secrets here.

Traffic Secret 1: Create Youtube Videos

create videos to get traffic
Create Videos to Get Traffic

You may scream, “Is this a secret? Everyone knows about this.”

Yes! It’s a secret because every one knows that they can get traffic from Youtube but only 1% knows that how to create Youtube videos, the easy way!

Many beginners don’t know the EASY WAY TO CREATE VIDEOS and so they never get traffic. They keep on under-estimating themselves thinking they don’t have a budget to buy a high-quality camera and they don’t know how to create and edit videos.

Almost all the beginners I met, said that creating videos is not possible for them as it is too techy. But not now, I am revealing the hidden method of creating videos and making it as easy for you as 123.

Let’s say, your niche is fitness and the product you choose is XYZ.

First, you need an article related to your niche. Remember the affiliate tools that we talked about earlier. You can get the article from there (vendors provide articles to affiliates for this purpose) or you can simply search Google and select a well-written article.


Go to InVideo and click the tab ‘Text to Video’. Also, select video size (16:9).

invideo make money online for beginners

Scroll down and you’ll find many themes.


Select the theme that you like and click ‘Use This Template’.

invideo theme


Clicking the button ‘Use This Template’ will open the following screen to add your video script or story.

invideo script
Add Your Video Script Here

Paste the heading and article here.

Remember to make sentences short (one sentence makes one video slide) and press Enter after every sentence.

invideo script


When you rewrite and revise your complete script, press Next.

You’ll land on Storyboard, as shown in the image below.

invideo storyboard

1. Make sure you are on the ‘Storyboard’.

2. Your script is shown here.

3. You can change the image or video in ‘Media’ section. It’s easy. First, upload your image or video by clicking the ‘Upload’ button. Then drag and drop that image in ‘Media’.

4. Click ‘Image’ or ‘Video’. You can get copyright-free stock images or videos from Pexels or you can upload your own stuff too.

5. Don’t press Edit at this point as this will take you to the advanced editing (explain later).

Scroll down and finalize all the images and videos on Storyboard. (Visit Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay for copyright-free stock images and videos)

Press ‘Music’ and select the background music of your choice.


Then press ‘Advanced Editor’ on the top bar, next to Storyboard.

Here you can easily edit your video, change length of slides, set transitions. One important facility invideo provides is ‘Voiceover’ and there it offers automated voiceover that is quite human-like.

Your video would be ready in 15 to 20 minutes. (Obviously, when you are new to this site, it will take more time — then time reduces within a week).

When you download your video, it comes with Invideo watermark, and frankly speaking, this seems quite unprofessional. So I suggest that if you are serious in making money online then you should upgrade (in the top right corner) and get Business Plan that costs only $15 per month.

Upload this video to YouTube. Write catchy title and description (using your keywords) and most importantly, add your Clickbank affiliate link in the first line.

Create 10 to 15 videos and upload them on your channel and you’ll see the money start rolling in.

Traffic Secret 2. Pinterest

pinterest make money for beginners
Pinterest – Make Money Online for Beginners

Pinterest is a visual search engine and also a social site to save or share images of niches you are interesting in.

Pinterest acts like a collection of virtual bulletin boards.

Here’s how Pinterest works.

Say, you are interested in areas like fitness, make money online for beginners, golf, home decor etc. You create boards on Pinterest related to these niches.

Then you browse and save other people’s pins (that you like) on these boards and also create your own pins and save them. Other people also do the same thing.

They like, comment or follow your pins and also visit your website to explore more about you.

If you are a beginner and want to learn more then watch Pinterest tutorial videos on YouTube.

So, signup to Pinterest.

Create 10 to 15 boards (watch some other people’s to get ideas).

First save 20 to 30 pins of other people in different boards and also follow some persons.

The best and easy way to create your pins is to use (which offers ready-made templates), download these pins and then upload them to Pinterest. Save these pins to related boards.

The most important point to remember is to use keywords in the title and description. Keep the description short.

Pinterest does not allow putting affiliate links or bitly (or any other url link shortener) in ‘Destination url’. So what to do then?

A simple solution is to create a free site on google (; add some articles you get from affiliate tools (and never forget to add your affiliate links) and use this google site link on Pinterest.

Create 5 to 10 pins daily and upload them.

Make this a habit to save other’s pins and follow 10 to 15 profiles.

Within a weak, you’ll see a boost in the number of visitors to your site.

Traffic Secret 3: Facebook Groups With a Twist

facebook groups

Go to and signup. The site offers ebooks on a number of topics and that is also free of cost.

PLR means Private Label Rights and the books on IDPLR are free to use in any way. So search the best book in your niche and download it.

Now we need to edit this pdf book and add our affiliate link in this ebook.

So, visit, an online pdf editor site. Upload your book on Sejda and insert a new page (with powerful heading and affiliate link) on 2 places.

First, at the end of table of contents and second time at the end of the book. Download this ebook (with your affiliate links embedded). Now, we need to get a shareable link to this PDF book.

Here’s How:

Go to Google Drive > New > Upload (and upload your file)

Pdf get saved in your G drive > Close upload popup

Scroll down > Locate it in your G drive (where uploaded) and open it.

Right click > Get link > Change the status to ‘anyone can view’. Copy and save that sharable link.

The Final Step:

Join many Facebook groups that are related to the niche you selected.

Never make the mistakes majority of the beginners commit, and that is, never post your affiliate link just after joining Facebook groups.

First contribute to these groups genuinely (comment on other posts, like and share posts, answer questions other people asked).

After doing all this, now share in these groups the link of free ebook. People are always interested in free stuff. So they get your ebook ad some of them click the affiliate link you embed in the book.

Have you heard the lovely sound of Cha Ching! Yes, the money is depositing in your bank account.

3 Warnings – Make Money Online for Beginners

Warning 1 

Out of these 3 traffic strategies, select the one you like most and can follow for a long period of time. Don’t try all the three strategies at a time.

Warning 2 

Never switch one strategy to other, thinking that the one you are following is difficult. Remember, you are a beginner and so each of the above traffic strategies take some time.

Warning 3 

Fortune favors brave. Keep on following a strategy whether initially you see the results or not. Consistency is the key to success.

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