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Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing And How to Avoid Them

Do you think that learning the most common mistakes in affiliate marketing is of no use?

Think again!

In fact, your learning speed increases many folds when you commit mistakes (or know others’ mistakes), learn quickly what have you done wrong, and then avoid repeating them.

Almost all digital marketers commit lots of mistakes in affiliate marketing and later suffer pain and agony; the pain of time loss, the agony of wasted energy, and facing disappointment all the time. This would ultimately lead to quitting the online world.

So a much better option is to learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others and avoid repeating them. Today, I am sharing with you one of my biggest mistakes in affiliate marketing, so you can learn the lesson.

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My Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing


I wanted to name this article “The Best Kept Secret of Online Success” but I suspected that not many people really believed the claim. Since I wanted as many people as possible to learn from it, I came across a very unflattering but very believable article.

I see what I have ‘found’ as a great secret is not something that you can’t find it anywhere. Yes, you can. In fact, many successful people talk about it freely.

In simple words, the secret of success is ‘Focus’ and the key to failure is not trying to complete many projects at a time. This seems a simple problem that is easy to resolve, but as you read ahead, you’ll see how much difficult to overcome it.

It took me almost two years online to find out this ‘secret’ of success. Not that it was hard to find, rather the secret was right there in front of my eyes the whole time, yet I couldn’t see it. In my opinion, I knew what I was doing wrong, but kept on ignoring it.

I had my back to the wall: I would turn it around and start making money online, or go back to my old job. For a while, I even thought of selling my house, but my wife and I decided that it was a dumb idea. Selling a house would not solve my problem. It can only increase my agony and pain.

What I really needed was to find out what I was doing wrong two years ago, and change it. Otherwise, I was really determined to get back to my successful computer programming career. (But I didn’t like the idea of ​​working for someone else anymore.)

My Journey of Mistakes

If you have been trying to make money online and have not been very successful, you may be related to the following.

While still in my old job, I found the world of online marketing. I am so excited about the opportunities right there in front of me.

I did some research and invested in what I considered to be the best ebook on the subject.

A few months later when the opportunity arose (or so I thought at the time), I decided to become a full-time online advertiser. I also decided to pursue a marketing career.

I worked really hard for the first few months or so.

Then I found another good book for related marketing. Purchased.

Then I found a fantastic tool that will not only assist you in creating beautiful company websites, but will also tell you what you need to change on each page to get indexed and ranked by search engines.

I liked the concept so much that I purchased the tool.

Gradually, I became increasingly confused. Which guru do I follow? All three methods worked. But I had to figure out which one worked best (I analyze most naturally 😉 … Instead of following one, I started following them all.


I lost my focus. As I lose focus, the fullness of my search engine has increased. As my cars stopped growing, my income stopped growing. I became disillusioned with the search for other “better” ways to make money online.

Then I found out that another affiliate marketer has found successful shopping ads on Google. I had to find out how. I bought that ebook again 🙂

It just started to get worse from here on out.

In just over a year, I was able to spend thousands of dollars on various online marketing ebooks and courses. Many of them were really good. I always do a lot of research and I rarely have the misfortune to buy garbage (although it does happen from time to time).

The problem was not with the items I bought, the problem was that I did not put any of them long enough to see the full results.

I haven’t been following any professional long enough to give myself a chance to fight. I was very upset. In short, I lacked FOCUS.

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest opportunities on the face of the earth. And then there are a lot of other ways to make money online. Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is my personal favorite and is ideal for beginners.

Search engines reward free traffic for those who work hard. Yes, you can make money with Google AdWords, if you stick to it and read it hard enough.

Lesson From My Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing

Why am I telling you all this?

It certainly doesn’t give me the satisfaction to talk about my failures. One reason I want to express this is to let you know about what you may be doing wrong yourself.

Please learn from my mistakes.

Life is certainly too short to make and insist on your mistakes.

I’d like to save you months or years of pain and agony. Performing only one task at a time is regarded as focusing.

If you waste that time, we are gone forever. Not to mention the financial and emotional costs.

You need FOCUS. Not just any kind of focus.

You need a LASER FOCUS.

If you look at a 40 Watt lamp, all you see is a nice, soft light, which may not be strong enough to illuminate a room of medium size well. But you take exactly the same 40 watts out of the laser beam, and you’ll find that this FOCUSED beam can cut through a variety of objects like a paper cutting knife. Hewu. The same amount of energy, different focus. LASER FOCUS.

Focus means working on only one task at a time.

Focus means, to make your current project a success, before you start another one.

Focusing means you stop buying every new ebook or outgoing PHP text – which you usually do for fear of missing out.

Focus means removing yourself from the list for all four, with the exception of one or two that you think are the best for your particular situation.

Focusing means not wasting your time surfing the net.

At least until all of your day-to-day tasks are completed (and you still need to set a strict time limit on it). When you regain your focus, your life will change for the better. Mine is there.

May the focus be on you.

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