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The biggest hurdle I faced during my 7-year online journey was to search for the right tool for the task at the right price. I had wasted weeks and months in this tool-hunting exercise and most of the time, I got disappointed.

Sometimes the tool was not up to the mark, and other times, if the tool worked satisfactorily, the cost was too high. Had I found these tools earlier, my time and cost would cut to half.

Following are the software and tool that now I am currently using.


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Bluehost is among the best. In addition, Bluehost is recommended by

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting services on the planet. Functioning since 2003, Bluehost is a great company when it comes to hosting.

Note that Bluehost is not only a web host but also a registrar. This allows you to also have a domain name and other related services such as TLS/SSL Certificate, Personalized Mails, etc.

As an advantage the price is affordable and you get a free domain name.

Other details are to be taken into account like the speed of loading a site or a blog. The interface is easy to learn and use.


This tool is really useful if you want to start affiliate marketing. Create and upgrade your mailing list: Additionally, with, there is no list because contacts are marked with tags.
Make optin pages, pop-ups and forms that can be integrated into your website to collect emails.
Build sales funnels quite easily. Edit and modify these sales pages as you like.
Create and host digital courses; be it online video course, tutorials, or ebooks … You can hold your free or paid courses like never before.
Sell physical products. Everything here at is inter-connected automatically and you can send products to customers with a click of mouse.
You can also create your own membership plan for your various products and services if you wish.
Benefit from sharing without having your own products: or promoting other people’s products even (Minimum 40% commission, no other advertising network allows for that).

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You may have heard some people say that “money is on the list”. The fact is, it’s totally true.

Email marketing is one of the components of web marketing that you need to master, regardless of your business model.

And that starts with choosing the right autoresponder to manage your newsletters and email campaigns.

The autoresponder helps you manage your mass emailing, sending of specific emails and automatic response of messages according to certain predefined criteria.

The autoresponder you choose is the tool that will help you the most with your prospects and customers. They will go from the prospect level to the customer level, because they will be led to buy the products or services that you offer.


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