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Super Affiliate System Review 2023: A Life Changing Opportunity [With My 3 Awesome Bonuses]

Super Affiliate System Review 2023:

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Who doesn’t want to quit 9 to 5 job?

And who, on the planet, doesn’t want to earn online – from the comfort of home?

The question is then why people are not considering it seriously. Time and again, in my 7 years online journey, I found 3 main reasons for this attitude.

1. Even living in 2023, people still have doubts about making money online and they pass remarks that it’s just a scam. With such a mental attitude, even Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos can’t get success. Clarity of thoughts is the first step to success.

2. People start their online projects half-heartedly and have a dubious mentality towards internet marketing. So they are not committed to investing their time and money.

At most, they purchase cheap courses, ranging from $17 to $27, with little to no value, and later complain that products in internet marketing are mostly scams!

3. When a person wants to start his brick-and-mortar business, he is ready to invest $20,000 to $50,000. While in the case of starting their online business (that promises much high ROI), people consider even an investment of $1000 as too high.

What all this has to do with ‘Super Affiliate System Review 2023?’

It’s because of the simple reason, that a program, however perfect it would be, will be unable to give any results if the users have doubts in mind.

In such a case, this Super Affiliate System review is of no use to you.

Contrary to that, if you are committed to quitting the 9 to 5 grind and want to start your online business, only then, you’ll get the benefit from this review.

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Super Affiliate System Review 2023

This is an in-depth Super Affiliate System Review that covers all aspects of the program and you’ll find answers to all questions that come to mind about Super Affiliate System.

The object of the review is to honestly show you all the details of the course and then decide if this really gives results or it’s just another scam.

I discuss the benefits of this course, its pros and cons, price, reveal a glimpse of Member’s Area, and finally pass my verdict that whether it is legit or a scam.

What is Super Affiliate System (A Summary)?

Super Affiliate System is a 6-week course that teaches affiliate marketing using paid advertising like FB Ads, Google ads and other paid methods. 

In Super Affiliate System, John Crestani (the creator of program) has taught the following 3-step simple formula in this course.

Step 1. The product (or an affiliate offer)

Step 2. An optin page (or landing page) – based on proven AIDA strategy (that is, Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action). This page warms up the visitors and prepares them mentally to have a look into the product.

Step 3. An enticing advertisement, compelling the visitor to click on the offer.

Let’s have a close view on this system now.

Super Affiliate System Overview

Created by:  John Crestani

Official Website:

Duration: 6 Week Video Training Course

Niche: Affiliate marketing

Course Price: $997 (One Time Payment)

Payment Plans: 3 Instalments of $397 -OR- 4 installments of $247

Upsell: High Converting Case Studies ($187)

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Get Rid of Confusion: 30-Sec. Quiz Reveals Is It For You or Not

Who is John Cestarni?

image 4

John Crestani is a renowned 7-figure internet marketer. He has been recognized by Forbes,, Business Insider, and many other publications for his great success online.

For more than a decade, John has been doing affiliate marketing and promoting products through paid advertising. He is a real expert, enjoying full command on his subject and he really walks the talk.

Now, he has developed an online training course for beginners to help them build a successful affiliate business. In the Super Affiliate System, John uses ClickBank extensively to teach his students how to earn online.

Time and again, Crestani has been featured in the media. Here are a few articles you can check out in your free time:

  1. Fox TV Interview With Crestani
  2. How A 28-Year-Old Got Fired Then Built A $500K-A-Month Business While Traveling The World
  3. Millenial Mogul Turns Clicks To Cash
  4. CBS Interview regarding Internet Jetset

By launching the Super Affiliate System, his main goal is to teach people how to live the life of their dreams using only their laptops.

– For Details, Watch This Free Webinar –

Features & Benefits of Super Affiliate System

  • Step-by-Step Video Training Course
  • Can take it at your own pace (John recommends one hour per day)
  • Rock solid info about how to make money online in less time
  • Weekly Q&A coaching webinars (with John Crestani) to help you along.
  • Creating your own funnel from scratch takes a lot of trial and error until you’ve got one that works.
  • 60-day money back guarantee (Clickbank)
  • Support and FB Group to hold your hand in time of difficulty.

Super Affiliate System High-value Tools & Resources

  1. Buyers Data – a list of data on customers who would most likely buy your product
  2. Ad Templates – pre-made ads
  3. in different industries with drag and drop technology
  4. Presell Pages – pre-made landing pages
  5. VIP Pass – for easy acceptance to various affiliate networks
  6. Super Affiliate Community – a private Facebook group

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Inside Members Area – Course Outline

Super affiliate system member's area

What You’ll Learn Inside Super Affiliate System

Week 1 – The System Setup

  • System setup
  • Joining affiliate network
  • Setting up a website
  • Presell page setup
  • Facebook ad setup
  • Common setup mistakes

Week 2 – Google Ads Setup

  • Introduction
  • Google search ads setup
  • Google display ads setup
  • Adwords conversion pixel setup
  • Common Google ads mistakes

Week 3 – Youtube Ads Setup

  • Youtube ads introduction
  • Youtube channel setup
  • Youtube ad setup
  • Common Youtube mistakes

Week 4 – Advanced Tactics

  • Advanced Facebook ads introduction
  • Tim, How to keep compliant with Facebook
  • Brian, How to breakthrough
  • Ronnie, How to hack people’s trust
  • Ronnie, Famous copywriters

Week 5 – Presell Pages & Scaling

  • Presell pages introduction
  • Split testing presell pages
  • Common mistakes
  • Scaling basics
  • Payout bumps

Week 6 – Product Selection

  • Product setup introduction
  • Choosing your niche
  • Finding Clickbank offers
  • Finding offers on other networks
  • Common mistakes in choosing offer

 Additional Resources & Support

  • Targeting Data (email’s list of potential customers in different niches)
  • Ad Swipes (Ad copy examples for different niches)
  • Presell Pages (ready Clickfunnel sales pages to use)
  • Affiliate Networks (recommended networks)
  • Ad Networks (recommended networks + Ad coupons)
  • Help Desk/Facebook Group

30-Sec Simple Quiz (Free) to See Are You A Good Fit

Pros and Cons

What I Like About Super Affiliate System

  • Step by step video training that has won an award from the Global Forum for Education & Learning
  • Help you to identify the best products to promote
  • Supply the best ads to use (copy & paste)
  • Provide a free website editor, with zero hosting fees & zero domain cost
  • In-built software with pre-configured pages, that can be used in minutes
  • ​Weekly coaching calls
  • 24/7/365 support – Always ready to help!
  • Students get a growth coach + 21 day roadmap
  • High ticket commission training
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy to follow and understand system
  • If not satisfied, 30 day refund is guaranteed

Things I Don’t Like..

+ The product (with a price of $997) seems quite expensive.

But as I said in my intro, that this price is nothing, comparing to investment a brick-and-mortar business requires (i.e. somewhere between $30k to $50k).

However, addressing the price complaints, John recently introduced 2 payment plans. Now you can opt for 3 payments of $397 or 4 payments of $247.

+ The course is based on paid advertising only and no methods of free traffic are covered. To cover this issue, I add 17 Best Free Traffic Strategies in the bonus section below.

Are Common People Getting Results?

Absolutely! Beginners with no experience, no skills and with no technical background are getting results with this program. Out of hundreds and thousands of people who are making life-changing incomes, here is just some proof.

Look at the Tim Gregory Status. He made his first-ever commission by SAS (Super Affiliate System) using Facebook Ads.

Tim First Commission of $460!

Gab response was:

05 john crestani super affiliate system testimonial 02

Another student of John, Tyler Ellsion, is now earning 7 figures!

image 6
Tyler Ellsion – 7 Figure Earner

Super Affiliate System Review: Is It Worth The Money?

The Super Affiliate System – is affiliate marketing on steroids!

It guides you step by step on how to start affiliate marketing from scratch to earn thousand of dollars – Fast!

It helps beginners as well as experienced marketers to learn all the nitty-gritty details of starting a business online. you begin your affiliate marketing business the proper way.

The training videos are excellent and you can watch them at your own pace. The course also offers many amazing resources. There are free advertising credits, access to marketing swipe files, and a community that could help guide you. These are all important for affiliate marketers.

So, in my opinion, the course is definitely worth the money.

Get Super Affiliate Marketing System Here >>

Final Words..

I honestly want to save your time and money, and from my 7-year online experience, I knew very well that it’s better to invest and get the top-rated course to enjoy fast results than to buy tons of low-value $17 or $27 programs and spoil midnight oils and months or even years to solve the jigsaw puzzle yourself.

What I think of the Super Affiliate System is that it’s currently the top-notch program on the internet and can’t recommend it more.

4.9 star rating

Rating: 4.9 / 5

Click Here to Watch Free Training of ‘Super Affiliate System’

In a nutshell..

John shared his all secrets in Super Affiliate System.

This system is so powerful that it holds your hand and teaches you step by step all the knowledge you would require in making money online. Plus it will cut short your learning curve and will give you a head start.

Bonus Heading Idea

3 Awesome Bonuses

When you get ‘Super Affiliate System’ through any link given in this post, then as a token of thanks and gratitude, I offer you 3 awesome bonuses – All Free!

These bonuses are essential for your success as I crafted them to cover some areas that are not touched in Super Affiliate System.

Bonus 1 Image
17 Best Traffic Strategies

While paid traffic is covered in Super Affiliate System in great detail, but the topic of free traffic is not touched in this course. So this bonus guides you about the 17 best free traffic strategies. To get results faster, you can use both paid and free traffic side by side.

Bonus 2 Image
Bonus Zero to 100 in 24 Hours 1

Best Seller Course – A video training course that teaches how to start from $0 to $100 in 24 hours.

Why this bonus is important for you?

Well, I offer this bonus to solve your cash problems which you may face during Super Affiliate System.

As explained above in the review that the Super Affiliate System is based upon paid ads, so instead of emptying your bank account, a better option is to first earn some money (using this bonus) and later spend the money on paid ads of Super Affiliate System.

I know you’ll thank me later to reveal this strategy!

Bonus 3
Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Super Affiliate System is all based on affiliate marketing. Imagine your earnings when, along with John Crestani, you also implement the secrets of 25 experts!

How to Access These Bonuses

It’s dead-simple! Take the screenshot of your receipt of Super Affiliate System and send me at ‘[email protected]’.

To avoid any delay, please set the subject of your email as ‘Send My Bonuses’. You will get your awesome bonuses within 24 to 48 hours.

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