Tigers Traffic Review – A Blessing or Just Another Scam?

Welcome to my Tigers Traffic Review.

Tigers Traffic is a brand new video training course (released by Dawud Islam) for making money online by getting more and more traffic to your offer or site or blog.

Recently I came to know about Dawud Islam when I purchased his course ‘Moocow Cash Method’ in the last week of October 2019. And honestly, I am impressed by his unique concept and the hard work he put in presenting course material.

So, when I heard that Dawud is launching his new program ‘Tigers Traffic’, I’m very keen to get it and see what he is offering this time.


In a nutshell, Tigers traffic is a video training course focusing on getting traffic to your blog.

The training section consists of 10 modules and each module elaborates a unique method of getting free traffic. While most of the training courses out there are based on ‘Paid Traffic’ (aka FB ads, Youtube ads), it’s good to see someone cares about people who can’t afford expensive paid advertising.

The training modules are designed in a step by step style, so they are easy to digest and simple to implement. If you master this one skill of getting free traffic to any website, offer, or landing page, your success in internet marketing is guaranteed!


Front-end: Tigers Traffic ($11.95)

10 different methods for getting free traffic to your blog or website. Even the front-end offer is so powerful that it solves your traffic issue – then you can imagine the power of upsells!

OTO 1: Traffic On Tap ($37)

Link your affiliate offer into the network of 25 sites – with over 14,000 members. Enjoy unlimited free traffic on demand.

OTO 2: 10 x Powered Traffic + Super Solos ($67)

6 x Free SOLO ADS to an entire network of over 16,000 contacts. PLUS 15-second rotating login AD at 26 sites guaranteed to get attention and hits.

OTO 3: Triple Reseller Rights ($97)

Along with Tigers Traffic, you have two more Products (Cash List Creator + Moocow Moolah) to sell as your own products and get 100% commissions.

OTO 4: Tigers Traffic Academy ($197)

6 Months of One on One Coaching sessions plus ongoing e-mail support.

If you are a beginner (and not on a budget), I recommend Upsell 1 and 2 so that you can start earning your commissions fast!

Click Here to Access Tigers Traffic



My Tigers Traffic Review is not like others – where reviewers just present what they found on Sales Page. Instead, I always believe in ‘Deliver More Than Expected’.

So let’s have a sneak peek and step inside Members Area to see what actually you get once you buy Tigers Traffic.

Tigers Traffic Members Area

Let’s see what Dawud Islam has offered inside each method:

Method 1: Mailers (40 min.)

There are lots of mailing sites that Dawud reveals and advise you to join. Once you join these sites (for free), then you are allowed to mail everybody that’s a member of that site, and they in return allowed to mail you. Some of these mailers have about 80,000 people .. so, you can imagine the power when you can mail to 80,000 people.

Method 2: Traffic exchanges (15 min)

The concept here is simple. You join these traffic exchange sites and you share your website with people, and in return, people share their links with you. Result? You get thousands of views within a couple of days.

Method 3: Facebook (15 min)

When you search ‘how to get Facebook traffic’ on Youtube, you’ll be surprised to see that everyone is describing the same methods in his words. For instance, build a FB Page, post twice a day, schedule your posts, join FB Groups, etc. But here Dawud Islam has presented a unique way of getting traffic from Facebook.

Method 4: Quora (14 min)

Quora is a famous ‘Question-Answer’ base website. You answer other people’s questions and leave a link to your blog in your answer. If your answer shows your expertise, the visitors definitely click your link and you start seeing spikes in your traffic.

Method 5: Classified ad boards (20 min)

As in newspapers, you see a section for classified ads, similarly, there are sites that are dedicated to this service. These are free to join and Dawud explains how to join them and how to advertise effectively to get more traffic.

Method 6: Blogging (15 min)

Well, we all know that blogging is a slow process, where you blog consistently and then after a couple of months, you’ll be able to see some traffic. But Dawud elaborates on how to accelerate the process and win traffic fast.

Method 7: Youtube (7 + 20 min)

The video is only 7 minutes long, but you’ve got an additional follow-up video (of 20 min) to watch which is one of Dawud’s actual courses. This video actually shows you the best way to set up on YouTube.

Method 8: LinkedIn (8 min)

The actual video itself is only 8 minutes, but there’s also a one-hour master class attached to this to watch.

Method 9: Reddit (6 min)

Here Dawud explains how to use Reddit to get free traffic. There are some novel tips he shares that bring fast traffic.

Method 10: Email signature (6 min)

Method 10 is about email signatures and how to get traffic emailing people.

Click Here to Access Tigers Traffic


Here’s What I Like About Tigers Traffic..

Well, there are lots of things I like and mentioned above in my Tigers Traffic Review.

Low traffic is the number 1 hurdle faced by newbies. Tigers Traffic is a great blessing for all beginners as it guides and trains them about how to get traffic.

There are no false claims as I generally see everywhere online. Dawud is very transparent and tells exactly what it takes to succeed online with free traffic. He briefs in the training that you need to put in the time to have success with these free traffic methods.

Over-The-Shoulder training videos on each method; as you sit right behind him and get training personally.

The training videos are designed in a Step by Step style. He literally takes your hands and shows you every single step in the process to get free and high-quality traffic.

Dawud offers all the resources you need in the journey and allows you to download them. Plus he explains monetization methods for each method

What I especially like about Tigers Traffic is it’s focused on Free Traffic.  This is a big hurdle faced by newbies and all the time they are complaining about how to get traffic when we can’t afford to pay for FB Ads or Youtube Ads. So, here’s the answer to their prayers.

These free traffic methods of Tigers Traffic guarantees to generate at least 100 visitors per day for you. Thus, you have many chances to convert traffic to sales.

And What I Don’t Like ..

The price is set on dime sales, which means that every sale it keeps on increasing over time.

Dawud has not included List Building in his course which is a vital part to get success in internet marketing.


So, this is the final part of my Tigers Traffic Review. Thanks for being with me and reading my review.

I recommend Tigers Traffic but not for everyone.

Tigers Traffic is an ideal video training course only if you are a newbie.

For beginners, it’s really a treasure where they get step-by-step instructions on how to get traffic to their site.

But if you have spent 1 year or more, working and experimenting in internet marketing (and already working on Quora and creating Youtube videos), then Tigers Traffic is not sufficient to quench your traffic thirst. You need something extra to get traffic.

To compensate for this deficiency of Tigers Traffic, I’ll hand over you some extra traffic methods in my bonus section below .. once you get Tigers Traffic through my link.

So my bonuses prove pure gold for newbies .. and also helpful also for experienced internet marketers.


Bonus 1: Click Bank Bonus

Bonus 2: Social Media Marketing Bonus

Bonus 3: Instagram Expert Tips Bonus


Can you guess the number of bonuses other reviewers offer?

What? You said “10 or 20”. No, you are wrong.

I’ve seen some reviewers offer 80 and still some offer 100+ bonuses! That’s insane!

Do you ever think why they offer so many bonuses?

The answer is simple. They use these bonuses as ‘BAIT’ so they can somehow sell you the course and squeeze their commissions out of your pocket.

Have you ever considered the quality of these 20 / 80 / 100 bonuses?

These are some low-quality bonuses that are available free on PLR Sites. Every internet marketer knows about PLR. PLR means ‘Private Label Rights’ – the sites where thousands of low-quality documents are available and anyone can get them and present them as Bonuses. That’s where these reviewers get their so-called bonuses.

Since I avoid this practice, so I can only offer you a limited number of high-quality bonuses. It’s your choice now that you go for 100s of Bonuses, which you never use and they just occupy your hard drive space -OR- you go for real value-added bonuses.


It’s simple. Get access to Tigers Traffic by pressing the button below:

Click Here to Access Tigers Traffic

Then forward this receipt to my email [email protected] with the subject “Send My Bonuses Hammad”.

You’ll get your bonuses (100% Free) within 24 – 48 hours.

Thank you for your time!

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