6 Tips for Affiliate Marketing That Guaranteed Fast Results

Searching for tips for affiliate marketing to get success?

A reader from Indonesia left an interesting comment on one of my blog posts a few days ago.  He also asked for some tips about affiliate marketing that would help him in getting results. Curious, I followed up, reading his blog and impressed by his struggle.

I really liked the style of his writing and some of his notes & comments rang true with my experience.

So Welly, here are some tidbits from my affiliate marketing experience.

Affiliate Marketing Journey As A Beginner

journey as beginner
As A Beginner, Be Patient While Learning Step By Step

I first got started affiliate Marketing back in June 2014. Back then I was a complete beginner who didn’t know a thing about IM. And when I say I knew nothing then, I’m being completely honest with you.

So I would buy ebooks on IM courses one after another. You know, those that promise you get-rich-quick-schemes or how to get rich overnight just by clicking a few buttons on your mouse.

I am a little embarrassed to say this, but back then I actually believed that I could become a millionaire overnight!

Well, who doesn’t?

With all the hypey sales letters out there, you are bound to get tricked or cheated when you are a complete newbie who doesn’t know what you’re doing.

Anyway, to make a long story short, so I bought one ebook after another. Not all of them are get-rich-quick-schemes though. There were a few that contain some real gems.

However, because of information overload, I end up simply reading and studying them without actually implementing what I’ve learned about affiliate marketing.

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Tips for Affiliate Marketing: Don’t Ever Be A NALO Person

tips for affiliate marketing take action

I’ve become a NALO (no action learn only) guy. And out of many tips for affiliate marketing, the best one is ‘Take Action!’

When you simply read without applying what you’ve learned (even though it may be the best ebook out there in the world), nothing will happen.

I guarantee that!

Like what I’ve said above, the primary reason why I did not implement the methods and techniques taught in the ebooks was that I suffered from information overload.

The more I read the more confused I became. I simply don’t know where to start because there was so much information out there that I don’t know which one to follow.

I’m very sure you can relate to my experience when you just got started in IM. Almost everyone goes through the same bad experience!

I’d hop from one business opportunity to the next, each one promising the next “big thing” where you can earn millions overnight just by joining their programs or buying their ebooks.

As you can probably already guess, all of them were rubbish.

There was also this period of time that I’ve also been involved in black hat Internet Marketing activities, like mass building portal sites and generating income from Adsense.

Sure, portal sites with Adsense can bring in a decent income every month fast, but they were simply short-term income and have no longevity. I finally realized that this was not the way to build a real, long-term business.

Currently, I’m a full-time Internet Marketer focused on building a real long-term business that is going to sustain. I’m building a white hat business that provides VALUE to my customers and subscribers.

I currently have 3 IM products, and a fourth one is due to be released within this month. All of them are created this year and all of them are in my native language (Indonesian).

Oh yeah before I forgot, I should mention that I do not live in the US, Canada, UK, nor Australia J. I reside in a country called Indonesia, somewhere in the Asia Pacific region.

Having been involved in the IM niche for my local Indonesian market for the past few months, I’m currently set to enter the international IM market as well.

I currently enjoy a consistent, decent four-figure online income every month. It’s not a lot, and it’s far from those high profile Internet Marketers make out there, but it pays for my bills and I do get to live a decent life J.

But truth be told, the journey to get to where I am now (let alone those high profile Internet Marketers) is not easy.

Heck, it’s actually HARD!

I’m trying to be as honest as I can here, so please remember that if someone or some “guru” tells you that it’s easy to earn lots of money online, they are lying to you so that you buy their ebooks or courses.

If making money online were that easy, why is it that most people (probably 99% – just a guess here) fail to earn a single red cent when they try their hands at Internet Marketing?

Or if they actually did make any money at all, the amount is usually meager and the income is most likely inconsistent.

Having been involved in the Internet Marketing niche for 2 years and 4 months now, I have made a lot of mistakes and in the process learned a lot from these mistakes as well.

In my opinion, the best teacher is to make mistakes and then learn from them.

To sum up, I’d like to you give 6 tips and pointers on how you can succeed in making money online:

Tip 1. Understand That Affiliate Marketing is REAL Hard

First things first. You need to put this in your mind first.

Making money with affiliate marketing is never easy. In fact, I want to be honest and upfront with you: Making money online is damn HARD!

Hard but not impossible!

It will take a lot of hard work and time to make good money online. There is no such thing as an overnight success simply by doing nothing.

Cripes, that only happens in your dream and Disneyland! (please note that I don’t have anything against Disneyland, I’m just trying to make a point here).

Tip 2. Focus on One Thing at a Time

I know there is a lot of information out there to be consumed, but the thing is, you don’t have to consume all of them at once.

If you’re learning a specific skill, say how to build a WordPress blog, then you should focus your time and effort on learning that specific skill. Don’t be distracted by other non-related ebooks or courses that talk about Adwords, Adsense, how to JV with others, social bookmarking strategies, etc.

Only when you have successfully built a WordPress blog, and only when you have become familiar with working with a WordPress blog, should you move on to other skills or areas.

Among many best tips for affiliate marketing, this is worth sharing: It’s a lot better to be really good at 1 skill than to be average at 10 skills.

Tip 3. Focus on The Thing That You Are Good At

focus one thing
Focus is The Key to Success!

Do you know that to build a profitable business online, you don’t have to know everything about Internet Marketing?

Take for example myself.

don’t know everything there is to know about IM. If I say I knew everything, I’d be lying to you.

I just know what needs to be done and if I’m not good at doing certain things, like SEO, I simply find someone or some kind of SEO services to do SEO work for my sites so they rank well in the search engines. If I know nothing about programming, I’d find a programmer.

Focus on the areas where you are good at, and outsource other areas or skills that you are bad at. This is one of the best tips for affiliate marketing.

Tip 4. Identify What Matter The Most to Your Business

When you are just getting started in affiliate marketing, chances are you probably don’t have a lot of money to spend to outsource tasks to other people.

That is perfectly fine. You just need to analyze your current business position, and find out which tasks are more important than others, and do those more important tasks first.

Not all tasks are created equal.

The Pareto Principle holds true in affiliate marketing too.

20% of your efforts will determine 80% of your results, and the reverse is true as well. 80% of your efforts will determine 20% of your results.

Your duty is to find out the 20% that will produce the 80%, and then work like mad on that 20%.

Tip 5. Build Cordial Relationships With Your List – An Important Tip for Affiliate Marketing

If you want to build a real, sustainable long-term business, you must build a list.

There was a saying that goes like this “The size of your list is directly proportional to your online income”.

I strongly disagree.

In my opinion: “The relationship you build with your list is directly proportional to your online income”.

To be able to sell products and services to other people, you MUST build beneficial and trusting relationships with them first.

Sure, you may get a few sales here and there even without building good relationships with your prospects, but these sales are inconsistent and short-term.

If you want to have consistent sales coming in, you must build beneficial relationships with your subscribers so that they trust you and see you as an expert in your field.

Tip 6. Never, Ever Give up                                            

When things don’t go the way you expected, especially when you have invested countless time and effort but the results are disappointing, it’s normal to be discouraged.

But whatever you do, do not ever give up, EVER!


These are just temporary setbacks that you have to undergo if you want to be successful.

Let me rephrase that for you just in case you don’t see what I’m trying to convey. Read this very carefully:

In order to succeed, you MUST fail first!

If you give up simply because you have met a temporary setback (which you may not be aware that the setback is actually temporary), then you’d always be going in circles where you’d be hopping from “next big thing A” to “next big thing B” to “next big thing Z”.

1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years later you will still be in the same position as you are now.

You have gone nowhere.

So please, just evaluate your actions and figure out why it’s not working for you yet, and just keep going and don’t ever give up.

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Final Thoughts..

We are fortunate that we live in this era, the age of Artificial Intelligence. Like all other areas of life, AI has automated internet marketing too.

Take the example of this brand new software, Mavin, that automates all the tasks of affiliate marketing that earlier we do manually. From building a website to uploading the content on your blog, and bringing traffic to it, Mavin does the weeks-work time in just 5-minutes.

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